Is today’s microservice more bloated than yesterday’s monolith?

I am slightly hesitant to write this post, as it might attract some criticism. Nevertheless, I told myself there is nothing wrong with sharing my point of view (even though it might not be well accepted). I would like to share my personal experience regarding yesterday’s Monolithic and today’s Microservice architecture in this post.

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Chaos Engineering – Thread Leak

In the series of chaos engineering articles, we have been learning to simulate various performance problems. In this post, let’s discuss how to simulate thread leaks. ‘java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread’ will be thrown when more threads are created than the memory capacity of the device. When this error is thrown, it will disrupt the application’s availability.

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yCrash Demo video

yCrash app is a non-intrusive, secure, instant root cause analysis tool. It captures thread dump, heap dump, GC log, netstat, vmstat, top, and several more artifacts, right when the problem is happening in the production. It instantly analyzes all the artifacts & generates a root cause analysis report in the dashboard. Watch this below video clip to get a detailed overview of yCrash!

Monitoring != Root cause analysis

APM gives news, yCrash gives answer

Industry has seen cutting-edge Application Performance Monitoring tools (i.e., AppDynamics, NewRelic, Dynatrace) and infrastructure monitoring (i.e., Nagios, Ngmon) tools. These monitoring tools are great at detecting the symptoms of the problems. i.e., they can detect CPU spiked by x%, memory degraded by y%, and response time shot up by z seconds. But they dont answer the question: Why did the CPU spike up? Why is memory degraded? Why is response time increased?

To answer these questions, you need to capture garbage collection logs, thread dumps, heap dumps, nestat, and several more artifacts from your application. As the next step, you need to analyze these cryptic tedious dump files to identify the root cause of the problem. yCrash – the root cause analysis tool does this for you automatically. yCrash captures and analyzes these artifacts and identifies the root cause of the problem instantly.

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