JVM arguments master sheet

This is a master sheet with most of the JVM arguments: JVM ArgumentDescription-XbatchDisables background compilation so that compilation of all methods proceeds as a foreground task until completed. To learn more click here.-Xbootclasspath:<paths>Specifies a list of directories, JAR files, and ZIP archives separated by colons (:) in Unix and semicolons (;) in Windows to search for... Continue Reading →

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Garbage Collection – Unsung Hero

Garbage Collection is a facet often disregarded and underestimated, yet beneath its surface lies the potential for profound impacts on your organization that reach far beyond the realm of application performance. In this post, we embark on a journey to unravel the pivotal role of Garbage Collection analysis and explore seven critical points that underscore... Continue Reading →

Why yCrash?

In the world of software engineering, where innovation meets precision, yCrash emerges as a toolkit designed to enhance Java performance monitoring and diagnostics. A DevOps engineer, would delve into this article as a guide that shares the practical advantages of what yCrash offers. It speaks about how yCrash empowers developers with a seamless interface for... Continue Reading →

Untangling Deadlocks Caused by Java’s parallelStream

Concurrency is both the boon and bane of software development. The promise of enhanced performance through parallel processing comes hand in hand with intricate challenges, such as the notorious deadlock. Deadlocks, those insidious hiccups in the world of multithreaded programming, can bring even the most robust application to its knees. It describes a situation where... Continue Reading →

How to capture and analyze Thread dumps in Android?

Discover the power of thread dumps in Android development. Learn what thread dumps are, how to capture them using commands like 'dumpsys thread' and 'jstack,' and uncover the insights they offer. Explore the effectiveness of 'fastThread,' a user-friendly tool that simplifies thread dump analysis, helping you identify performance issues, deadlocks, and more for a smoother... Continue Reading →

Enhancing Security in AWS Elastic Beanstalk: A Comprehensive Guide to Whitelisting IPs and Subnets (CIDR block)

In today's digital landscape, security remains a paramount concern for businesses and organizations deploying their applications to the cloud. AWS Elastic Beanstalk, a fully managed platform as a service (PaaS) that streamlines the deployment of applications, offers various tools to fortify the security of your applications. One essential security practice is whitelisting IPs and whole subnets with... Continue Reading →

yCrash’s Praise Train Event

As you all know we follow the Fun Friday tradition and this week we decided it was time to relax and take a break from work. Kousika hosted her first event, “Praise Train” on August 11, 2023. The event actually went really well. We learnt new things about almost everyone, and found out some hidden... Continue Reading →

2 days of Datadogism: DASH conference highlights

As we're deeply involved in the development of a niche troubleshooting product at yCrash, I was naturally curious to uncover the latest trends, news, and announcements in the observability space. This curiosity led us to anticipate Datadog’s DevOps conference eagerly. Finally, last week (Aug' 02-03), we were fortunate enough to immerse ourselves in this enriching... Continue Reading →

Parallel Sort

Everyone knows about what sorting is. There are so many computer algorithms that have emerged to support sorting. Some of the well-known algorithms are quick sort, heap sort, merge sort etc. All these sorting algorithms are working based on sequential sorting. Means, a single thread is used to perform the complete sorting operation. However, this... Continue Reading →

Fun Friday Chronicles – June and July ‘23

Welcome back to the thrilling Fun Friday Chronicles of June & July, 2023! We set out on an exciting journey to find moments of joy and connection amidst our busy lives. Despite facing challenges, our team's determination prevailed. Join us as we recount heartwarming gatherings and hilarious games that brought us closer together. Through triumphs... Continue Reading →

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