YCrash Installation

YCrash has two components:

  1. YC AGENT: This is a simple Go program that should be installed on all your production servers. This program captures and transmits all the troubleshooting artifacts (GC Log, Thread dump, netstat, vmstat, iostat,….) to the YC server. Note: This agent doesn’t run always. It runs only when you trigger. So it add no observable overhead.
  2. YC SERVER:Collects the data transmitted by YC AGENT, analyzes them, and generates one unified root cause analysis report, which can be accessed through a web browser.
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Fin API is the last API call one should invoke after all yc-receiver API calls and yc-receiver-heap calls. This API will return back the RCA report URL that corresponds to the data that has been uploaded. The response will also contain detailed GC log, thread dump, heap dump metrics analysis report URLs.

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