Troubleshooting Java Spring Boot Deadlock

Spring Boot is a widely used framework for building highly transactional Java-based web applications and backend systems. These applications process heavy loads and are often multi-threaded, requiring performance analysis for efficient resource utilization. Spring Boot applications can suffer from Deadlock problem, which can bring the entire application to grinding halt. This blog discusses the troubleshooting... Continue Reading →

Java SpringBoot – Performance Analysis and Tuning

SpringBoot is a widely used framework for building Java-based web applications and maintains a significant presence in the world of enterprise software development. It powers large-scale microservices and standalone applications. Most SpringBoot applications have embedded web servers and follow a distributed architecture consisting of three main types of application components: Backend: API services Backend: Event... Continue Reading →

Simulating & troubleshooting Deadlock in Scala

All multi-threaded applications are prone to Deadlock. Modern Scala platform is no exception. In this series of simulating and troubleshooting performance problems in Scala, let’s discuss how to simulate a Deadlock in Scala and how you can troubleshoot it.  What is Deadlock? First let's try to understand what 'Deadlock' means. Several technical definitions aren’t clear.... Continue Reading →

Let’s crash our applications! – JAX London

Every year in October, JAX London is the go-to event for Java and Software Architecture enthusiasts! It is a four-day conference for cutting-edge software engineers and enterprise-level professionals. In this 2022 year's Jax London conference, our architect Ram Lakshmanan was invited to talk on the topic: "Let's crash your applications". In this talk, Ram discussed... Continue Reading →

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