Chaos Engineering – DB Connection Leak

All modern applications connect with storage, such as a database or cache. Database connection leak is commonly observed in modern applications, which can result in connection leaks that can lead to production outages. In our series of chaos engineering articles, we have been learning how to simulate various performance problems. In this post, let's discuss... Continue Reading →

Chaos Engineering – File Connection Leak

Many Java applications still use files for importing and exporting data. If the connections to these files are not properly managed, it can lead to a significant number of connections leaking, causing the application to slow down or even crash. In our series of chaos engineering articles, we have been learning how to simulate various... Continue Reading →

Java SpringBoot – Performance Analysis and Tuning

SpringBoot is a widely used framework for building Java-based web applications and maintains a significant presence in the world of enterprise software development. It powers large-scale microservices and standalone applications. Most SpringBoot applications have embedded web servers and follow a distributed architecture consisting of three main types of application components: Backend: API services Backend: Event... Continue Reading →

What is ‘Load Average’?

Load average is an age-old metric, which is in existence since the 1970s to indicate whether the system is under heavy/average/low load. It is useful to indicate whether the system’s load is on an increasing trend or a decreasing trend. In this article, let’s learn more about ‘Load Average’. How to understand 'Load Average'?  In... Continue Reading →

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