Advantages of Java Virtual Threads

Java virtual thread is a new type of threading model architecture introduced in JDK 19. Before you try to learn the benefits of Java Virtual Threads, you might want to understand how Java virtual thread works. Here is a post that gives you a quick introduction to Java virtual threads (we highly recommend you to... Continue Reading →

APIs to create Java Virtual Thread

Java virtual thread is a new feature available from JDK 19. It has potential to improve an application’s availability, throughput and code quality on top of reducing memory consumption. If you are interested in learning more about Java virtual thread, here is a quick introduction to it.  Video: To see the visual walk-through of this post,... Continue Reading →

Is Java Virtual Threads lightweight?

Quick answer is 'yes' :-). Before you try to understand how lightweight Java virtual threads are, you might want to understand how Java virtual thread works? Here is a post that gives a quick introduction to Java virtual threads. We highly recommend you read the quick introduction post, before reading further.  Video: To see the visual... Continue Reading →


Hi Friends, We are back with a new Story 😃. Hope you will enjoy reading it. In this Pandemic, we had all been working remotely for the past few years where all the official interactions were happening virtually.  In order to facilitate in person interactions and to take a break from the daily routine, we... Continue Reading →

Oracle Architect optimizes performance using GCeasy

Prabhakar Jonnalagadda is the performance architect in Oracle. He was presented with a performance problem of an application which had following symptoms: + Frequent unavailability of the application (crash issues) + Significant degraded performance in repeated spells In this post he talks about how he solved this application's performance problems. He basically analyzes the GC... Continue Reading →

Simulating & troubleshooting Deadlock in Scala

All multi-threaded applications are prone to Deadlock. Modern Scala platform is no exception. In this series of simulating and troubleshooting performance problems in Scala, let’s discuss how to simulate a Deadlock in Scala and how you can troubleshoot it.  What is Deadlock? First let's try to understand what 'Deadlock' means. Several technical definitions aren’t clear.... Continue Reading →

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