“Learn yCrash” series

The industry has seen cutting-edge Application Performance Monitoring tools and infrastructure monitoring tools. These monitoring tools are great at answering the question: 'What is the problem?'' but not, Why does the problem happen? yCrash attempts to answer this question. It captures 360-degree artifacts from your technology stack such as Garbage collection logs, thread dumps, heap dumps,... Continue Reading →

Shallow Heap vs Retained Heap

Eclipse MAT is a powerful tool to analyze heap dumps. It comes in handy when debugging OutOfMemoryError. Eclipse MAT reports two types of object size: 1) Shallow Heap 2) Retained Heap. This video explains the difference between them and how they are calculated. Watch this video to know more! Video https://youtu.be/Ns4Du2Qh91Y

GCeasy + fastThread + HeapHero + lot more … = yCrash

yCrash is our end-end root cause analysis solution built on top of our successful products GCeasy, fastThread, HeapHero. yCrash leverages the same underlying parsing engine and ML algorithms of these 3 tools. On top of it, yCrash provides additional capabilities. This document intends to highlight those key capabilities.  Quick Overview In this video clip. our... Continue Reading →

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