Celebrating Motherhood: A Heartwarming Mother’s Day in Our Organization

“Mom”, “Mama”, “Mommy” – these are the sweetest sounds, the first words that escape the lips of children, expressing their unconditional love for their mothers. Mothers are the pillars of strength, the nurturers from the very beginning. From the womb to their first steps and beyond, mothers shape their children’s lives, guiding them through the journey of growth and teaching them invaluable life lessons. Every year, on May 14th, we come together to celebrate and honor the most beautiful souls in the world – mothers. This special day is dedicated to appreciating the immense love, care, and sacrifices that mothers selflessly shower upon their children.

In a memorable Miss World beauty pageant held in China in 2017, the winner, Manushi Chillar, was asked a thought-provoking question: “Which profession deserves the highest salary and why?” Her heartfelt response resonated with people around the globe. Manushi confidently stated, and I quote, “A mother deserves the highest respect. It’s not just about the cash, but also the love and respect that you give to someone. My mother has been a huge inspiration. It is the mother’s job that deserves the highest salary.”

This powerful statement highlights the profound impact that mothers have on our lives. It is not surprising that many beauty pageant winners and influential personalities, like Priyanka Chopra Jonas, have acknowledged the inspiring role of mothers. In 2000, when Priyanka won the Miss World title, she cited Mother Teresa as her idol, recognizing the selfless love and compassion embodied by mothers worldwide.

These are some instances that serve as a reminder of the remarkable influence and inspiration that mothers bring to our lives, and why celebrating Mother’s Day is an opportunity to express our gratitude and honor their invaluable contributions.

In a heartfelt Mother’s Day celebration on May 14th, 2023, at yCrash, we honored the incredible mothers within our organization. Through a special video dedication, we delved into their experiences, asking a question. Find the video below:

yCrash’s Mother’s day Celebration

Introducing the amazing mothers of yCrash! On this special occasion of Mother’s Day, we asked them a simple yet profound question: “What changed when you became a mother?” Their heartfelt and insightful responses reflect the transformative power of motherhood. Let’s hear from these incredible women who inspire us every day.

Annya Arun

As the oldest mother in our group, my daughter Erin Sheeba and I share a beautiful bond strengthened by our mutual love for music. It’s fascinating how there are moments of role reversal between us, where she becomes my source of motivation and support. Here’s how motherhood has transformed my life: 

“Becoming a mother has been a profound journey of change. Everything in my life took on a new meaning and purpose. The responsibility of providing my daughter with a good life ignited a fierce determination within me. 

Surprisingly, my child became my pillar of strength and resilience. Through her, I discovered an inner strength I never knew existed. Despite occasional vulnerability, the love and connection we share have shaped me into a strong-minded individual. I constantly learn from the mistakes I make, striving to become a better mother. 

What I truly admire about my daughter is her remarkable understanding and compassion. She has taught me to embrace these qualities within myself. Each day, she surprises me with her wisdom and unique perspective, inspiring me to reach my fullest potential. 

Motherhood has been a journey of self-discovery, growth, and boundless love. It has transformed me into the person I am today, and I’m grateful for the profound impact my child has had on my life.”

Harkiran Kaur

Harkiran is a dedicated mother to her daughter Kyra, who embodies kindness and warmth. As the esteemed UIX designer at yCrash, Harkiran combines her exceptional skills and creativity to create user-centered experiences. Find out how motherhood has influenced Harkiran’s perspective and enriched her life… 

When you are a new mom, nobody really tells you how hard it will be. It is hard to describe the utter exhaustion, the self-doubt, and the number of times you will feel clueless about what you are doing. But there are also no words to describe the unbelievable feeling of love and pride of being a new mom. Knowing from the moment you held your baby in your arms, that your baby will hold your heart for the rest of your life and that you will do whatever it takes to do right by them. ❤️

Geetha Purushoth

Geetha is a proud mother to her daughter Kanishka, who has achieved several World Records for her exceptional word recognition abilities. Their special bond is fueled by their shared passion for words and language. Here’s what Geetha has to say about how motherhood has changed her: 

I think the biggest change that occurred when I became a mother was a newfound sense of purpose. Prior to having a child, I felt like I was just going through the motions of life, but having a child gave me a reason to wake up every day and strive to be the best version of myself. Becoming a mother taught me the true meaning of unconditional love. It’s a love that is selfless and all-consuming, and it’s unlike any other type of love. It also taught me how to be patient, resilient, and to cherish the small moments in life. Also, my priorities shifted dramatically. Things that used to be important to me suddenly paled in comparison to the well-being of my child. It also taught me how to be more organized and efficient with my time, as I needed to balance the demands of parenthood with other aspects of my life.

Prithi Ekammai

Prithi recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy, Vihaan, into her life, embracing the joys and challenges of being a new mom. With her innate talent and passion for art, she brings creativity and inspiration to both her role as a mother and her work. Discover what Prithi has to share about the transformative experience of becoming a mother…

Everything and everyone changed around me…
Restricted foods, 
Minimal sleep, 
Unable to go out,
 No Shopping, 
Not being able to Have food at restaurants, 
Unlimited feedings, 
No movie theatres, 
loads of hair loss, 
Weight loss, 
Feeling tired all day, 
full day mood swings, 
Everyone asking and talking about the kid,
Cooking + Household work + Office work and Looking after the kid. 
Still the list goes on… Its really very hard. 
I am unable to put my thoughts into words. 
Yeah..Motherhood is difficult beyond our thoughts. 
But this too shall pass right 😊

When I see my little one smiling, I forget all the sadness and struggles I faced after being a mother… Its really worth it❤️ I seriously feel proud of myself that I am able to handle these things all at the same time. Only because of being a mother, I come to know about myself. Grateful for that❤️

We want to express our sincere appreciation to all the mothers who play an invaluable role in our lives. Your unwavering support, guidance, and nurturing presence make a world of difference to us. We are truly grateful for the opportunity to honor and celebrate you on this special day. 

As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate recording and cherishing more occasions that allow us to express our gratitude and admiration for the amazing mothers around us. Our commitment to creating heartfelt moments that capture the essence of motherhood and showcase the deep appreciation we hold for these remarkable individuals remains unwavering. 

To all the mothers, we wholeheartedly extend our warmest wishes for a belated Happy Mother’s Day. May your love and care be recognized and celebrated not only on this special day but every day of the year. You are truly cherished and loved.

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