What are the process states in Unix/Linux?

In Unix/Linux operating systems, processes can be in one of the following states: 1. RUNNING & RUNNABLE 2. INTERRRUPTABLE_SLEEP 3. UNINTERRUPTABLE_SLEEP 4. STOPPED 5. ZOMBIE Let's discuss these states in this article. Fig: Process State transition diagram RUNNING & RUNNABLE   When the CPU executes a process, it will be in a RUNNING state. When the... Continue Reading →

How to kill process in Unix/Linux?

There are different options to terminate a process in Unix/Linux flavour of operating systems. This article intends to list down those options. kill You can use the 'kill' command to terminate a process by passing the 'process id'.  kill {PID} PID - is the 'process Id' of the process that you want to terminate. If... Continue Reading →

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