What is Micro-Metrics Monitoring?

Micro-Metrics Monitoring (m3), is an exclusive yCrash technology that is designed to predict and mitigate performance issues before they surface in your production environment. This post intends to highlight its unique features. 1. Predict Outages Most of the APM tools monitor Macro Metrics like CPU utilization, Memory utilization and response time. While these are excellent... Continue Reading →

yCrash Demo video

yCrash app is a non-intrusive, secure, instant root cause analysis tool. It captures thread dump, heap dump, GC log, netstat, vmstat, top, and several more artifacts, right when the problem is happening in the production. It instantly analyzes all the artifacts & generates a root cause analysis report in the dashboard. Watch this below video... Continue Reading →

yCrash – safe and secure way to troubleshoot

yCrash provides a safe and secure mechanism to troubleshoot production problems. In this article, let's discuss about the safety measures provided by yCrash. Data archival  Production dump files tend to contain sensitive information such as IP addresses, credit card numbers, SSN, VAT numbers ... and they also tend to be very large in size (several... Continue Reading →

GCeasy + fastThread + HeapHero + lot more … = yCrash

yCrash is our end-end root cause analysis solution built on top of our successful products GCeasy, fastThread, HeapHero. yCrash leverages the same underlying parsing engine and ML algorithms of these 3 tools. On top of it, yCrash provides additional capabilities. This document intends to highlight those key capabilities.  Quick Overview In this video clip. our... Continue Reading →

Monitoring != Root cause analysis

APM gives news, yCrash gives answer Industry has seen cutting-edge Application Performance Monitoring tools (i.e., AppDynamics, NewRelic, Dynatrace) and infrastructure monitoring (i.e., Nagios, Ngmon) tools. These monitoring tools are great at detecting the symptoms of the problems. i.e., they can detect CPU spiked by x%, memory degraded by y%, and response time shot up by... Continue Reading →

Configure mail server

yCrash server can be configured to send notification emails whenever new incidents are reported. Based on the hostname, app name from where the incident is reported, you can configure to send alert emails. Here are some sample rules: If incident is reported on ‘host1.mycompany.com’ device then send email notification to user1@mycompany.com If incident is reported... Continue Reading →

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