yCrash’s Praise Train Event

As you all know we follow the Fun Friday tradition and this week we decided it was time to relax and take a break from work. Kousika hosted her first event, “Praise Train” on August 11, 2023. The event actually went really well. We learnt new things about almost everyone, and found out some hidden talent. We even identified that we needed to know each other better in the upcoming retreat. In this article we’re going to share some of the memories and then also tell you about our teammates. By reading this article, you are going to feel that you know us too. Get ready to know us.

Following the fantastic and enjoyable storytelling event, the excitement in the air continued to buzz as we eagerly anticipated the upcoming Praise Train gathering. This unique event was the triumphant result of a friendly vote, where Praise Train emerged victorious with a resounding 80% of the votes, beating out other contenders like the Bucket List Challenge and Never Have I Ever. The collective enthusiasm for the Praise Train was undeniable.

Vote on WhatsappPraise Train

With the spotlight on the Praise Train, our enthusiastic teammate Kousika stepped up to lead the way as the event’s host. The announcement was delivered with excitement both through email and WhatsApp, ensuring that everyone was well-informed and eagerly anticipating the upcoming celebration. To add an extra touch of visual allure, we also shared a vibrant and captivating poster via email that encapsulated the essence of the event.

Fun Friday event – August 11, 2023

As the anticipation mounted and the date drew nearer, the buzz around the Praise Train event continued to grow. The stage was set, the participants were ready, and the atmosphere was charged with positivity. It was clear that this Fun Friday was going to be truly special, a time to appreciate and honor each other’s unique qualities. You are now going to read about some beautiful memories we made together.

Recent Addition to the Team

Even though the event was hosted by Kousika, we thought it would be only fair to start from her. She never anticipated it and was very surprised. Kousika has been with the team less than a year and even in the short period of time had made a good name for her, both professionally and socially. Her 6 years friend and our own Prithi shared about how Kousi is her sister from another mother. This shows their bond and friendship. 

Since we are talking about Kousika who joined the company recently, there is one other person who joined around the same time. He is none other than Sagar himself. He is a dedicated and sincere worker and he mostly keeps to himself. But he is the perfect example for a laser focused person at work. We’re looking forward to getting to know him better during this year’s retreat.

The Silent Knights

At yCrash, we have some special team members who may not say much, but their work speaks volumes. We affectionately call them our “Silent Knights” – individuals who quietly make a big impact. Meet Mahesh, an engineering stalwart whose hard work shines brightly; and our testing experts, Vishnupriya and Alagappan, ensure our products are top-notch. Their silent dedication is like a hidden superpower that keeps our team strong and successful. We salute these remarkable Silent Knights! Though these silent knights missed this particular praise train event, the passengers of the train did share their thoughts about them. You will see them soon in the video we will share below.

The Humor Brothers

Bhupathi and Sainath are more than just teammates – they’re like brothers. They share a special bond and have a great sense of humor. When they team up, get ready for some laughs. For example, during a call, Annya talked about how Ankita patiently helped her set up the yCrash tool. Sainath playfully commented that Ankita must have become a “patient” in the process. This kind of light-hearted banter from Sainath made our Fun Friday even more enjoyable and entertaining.

The Unique Personalities

During the event, Sandeep spilled the beans about our team’s colorful characters. He playfully pointed out that Ankita and Annya, even though they’re as different as day and night, each adding their own special touch to the team dynamic. Ankita’s zen-like calmness is a soothing balm, while Annya’s boundless energy turns meetings into a whirlwind of excitement. And then, there’s Sandeep himself, unraveling the tales! This amusing observation paints a picture of our diverse team, where each one’s uniqueness adds a splash of fun and spice. Together, we create a symphony of personalities that keeps our workdays anything but ordinary!

The Supermom & Superdad

In our tightly-knit yCrash family, some truly exceptional individuals not only excel in their work but also shine as outstanding parents. Among them, Geetha takes the spotlight for nurturing a child prodigy who, at the young age of 4, has already achieved remarkable World records. Let’s also applaud Kumar and Sandeep – both of whom go the extra mile as fathers, a love that radiated in our heartwarming Father’s Day tribute.

These remarkable individuals don’t confine their parental roles to just their homes; they extend their care and guidance to their fellow team members as well. When it comes to Geetha, Kumar, and Sandeep, it’s unanimous – they embody the role of nurturing parent figures within our organization. Their dedication and support extend both to their families and our yCrash family!

Get Ready to Know Us All

Through heartwarming stories and shared laughter, we’ve celebrated each other’s unique quirks and qualities. Now, let’s journey together to delve deeper into the essence of our yCrash family. Join us in this video as we explore the bonds, talents, and friendships that define us. Get ready to uncover the layers of camaraderie and talent that bind us together. Step into a world where personalities shine and friendships flourish. Let’s embark on this elegant journey of discovery together.

yCrash’s Praise Train – Aug 2023

As you’ve glimpsed into our team’s unique personalities, we hope you now know us a bit better. Our differences and talents have been revealed, forging stronger bonds among us. As we wrap up this journey, we’re excitedly awaiting our next adventure together. Stay tuned for more fun and camaraderie in the upcoming events! Until then, let’s keep the yCrash spirit alive and thriving. See you soon, and let’s keep making each day extraordinary.

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