Unwavering Love: yCrash Celebrating the Power of Parents on Parent’s Day

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, there is a special day that often goes unnoticed, a day dedicated to celebrating the pillars of our lives – our parents. Parent’s Day, although underrated, holds profound significance as it recognizes the selfless love, sacrifices, and guidance our parents provide throughout our journey. On this occasion, we gather at yCrash to embrace the essence of Parent’s Day, cherishing the memories and cherubic moments that have shaped us and our families.

We’ve embarked on an emotional journey, reliving the cherished memories shared by our team members through a heartwarming video. From heartfelt moments to rib-tickling anecdotes, we witness the love and joy that flows through their family bonds. Each picture and memory paint a vivid picture of the immense affection and gratitude felt for our parents. Brace yourself for an experience that will warm your heart and remind you of the significance of this day.

yCrash’s Parents’ Day – July 2023

Alagappan’ Tribute to His Late Father and His Pillar of Strength

Alagappan’s story is a powerful testament to the strength that can arise from adversity. After facing the profound loss of his father, Alagappan found solace in his mother’s unwavering support. Her determination and boundless love guided him through the darkest moments, inspiring him to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. Today, Alagappan stands tall, a living tribute to his mother’s resilience, and the love that became the foundation for his successful and fulfilling life.

Algappan with his parents

After losing my father (9 years before), we collapsed at that moment literally. I completely blanked out with nothing in my hand but the only support and hope I had in my life, is and, was “My Mother”. Each and every growth and success of mine is coming from her Sacrifice, Patience, Lots of struggles, and Support. Without her, I won’t be able to stand in this good position.

I should also thank my late father because I believe that he still watches over us and is giving his blessing. I know this because we are living a peaceful life nowadays. I’m so proud to be blessed to have them as my great & kind parents. Thank you Amma and Appa! And Miss you Appa! Thank you, God! Wish you Happy Parents’ Day!

Alagappan’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact parents have on their children’s lives. It highlights the transformative power of love and strength, which can uplift us even in the most challenging times.

Kousika Manivannan’s Precious Pongal Festive Picture

Kousikka’s festive memories highlight the power of love and togetherness over technology. Amidst celebrations, her family treasures every moment, knowing these memories will last a lifetime. It’s a gentle reminder to slow down, savor family time, and cherish genuine connections.

Kousika’s Pongal Celebration – 2023

Presenting our cherished 2023 Pongal festive picture! Capturing beautiful moments together is rare, even with cam phones at our disposal. When we’re all dressed up, we make sure to treasure these precious family memories. I adore this picture of us immensely ♥️😍

Their story inspires us to be present, embracing love, laughter, and togetherness in the true spirit of festivities. Let’s follow their lead and create timeless memories with our loved ones.

Bhupathi Learned a Lesson from His Mom, & It’s Gonna Be Etched Into Our Hearts

Bhupathi’s amusing story about his mother’s reaction to the chocolate incident brings a smile to our faces. In the innocence of childhood, he innocently entrusted his friend to keep his precious chocolates, only to find himself facing his mother’s punishment. Little did she know that Bhupathi was blameless, and it was his friend who played a mischievous role. 

Reflecting on this humorous incident, Bhupathi shares a valuable lesson about choosing friends wisely. While childhood friendships often shape our experiences, it’s essential to surround ourselves with trustworthy companions who share our values.

Bhupathi’s family visit to a temple

On my childhood I brought a chocolate, My shirt and pant dont have pockets so I told my friend to keep with him, after sometime I asked him give my chocolate he told that chocolate is him and he is crying and told to my mother that chocolate he brought. My mother even didnt ask me what happened . First she beats me , she thought I am telling lies to her.  That I wont forget.

Lesson I learnt:

Don't give anything to friends 
If I bought anything first eat then do other work

Amid the laughter, Bhupathi’s story reminds us of the simple joys and mischiefs of childhood. It’s a heartwarming memory that resonates with all of us, as we remember our own innocent escapades.

Ankita’s Dasherra Celebration That Captures Love & Simplicity

Ankita’s heartwarming Dasshera celebration with her family captures the essence of love and togetherness. In the simplicity of their gathering, they create magical memories that last a lifetime. Her story reminds us that festive celebrations are about love, connection, and appreciation for family.

Ankita celebrating Dasherra with her family – 2023

Nothing very special about this picture. It captures the essence of the Dasherra festival. So we wore new clothes and celebrated it together.

On this Parent’s Day, let’s cherish these moments, expressing gratitude to our parents who make every celebration special with their love and happiness.

Sandeep’s Invaluable Weekend Drives & Moments to Cherish Forever

Sandeep’s heartfelt recollection of drives with his busy parents exemplifies the power of quality time and familial bonds. Despite their schedules, they prioritized precious moments together, strengthening their connection.

Sandeep’s Parents

Growing up with both working parents, our weekends and long drives became invaluable moments for our family, providing precious time to bond and create cherished memories together.

This touching story reminds us that little acts of love leave lasting impacts.

Geetha’s Soaring High – First Flight with Her Beloved Parents

Geetha’s first flight with her parents to Mumbai is a heartwarming tale of excitement and togetherness. The joy of exploring new horizons as a family, witnessing breathtaking views, and feeling the love and support of her parents left an unforgettable mark on her heart. This memory symbolizes the strong parent-child bond, instilling trust and confidence to embrace life’s adventures.

Geetha’s family trip to Mumbai

Flying to Mumbai with my parents for the first time was an exhilarating experience. From the excitement of boarding the flight together to witnessing the world from above, those moments created unforgettable memories that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

This story is a reminder of the precious moments shared with our parents that uplift our spirits and guide us through life’s journey.

Ram’s Dream Come True Moment with His Family

Ram’s inspiring tale of turning his dream of studying and working abroad into reality showcases the power of determination and perseverance. His journey reminds us to believe in our aspirations, work relentlessly, and overcome obstacles. It’s a tribute to the support of his parents, making Parent’s Day even more special.

Ram with his family cherishing “Dream Come True” moment – 1999

This moment was captured on September 22, 1999, during the late evening at our residence in Madras, India. I was ready to leave for the airport from our home to catch a flight to pursue a graduate degree in computer science in the USA. Studying and working in the USA had always been my childhood dream, and this moment was that ‘dream come true’ moment, which I will never forget. In the photograph, you can see my father Lena Tamilvanan, myself, my brother Anand, and my mother Jeyam.

Let Ram’s story motivate us to chase our dreams and celebrate the incredible parents in our yCrash family.

Sagar Thanks His Aai and Baba For Showing Their Unconditional Love and Endless Support

Sagar is deeply thankful for his parents’ unconditional love and support, which has shaped him into the person he is today. Like his commitment to being a good team member, he strives to be an equally devoted and caring son.

Sagar with his Mom
Sagar with his father

They provide me with unconditional love, guidance, and support. Their sacrifices and selflessness shape my life. I am forever grateful for their unwavering presence and endless care. Thank you, Aai and Baba, for everything you do.

His story reminds us of the profound impact parents have on their children’s lives, and on this Parent’s Day, we celebrate the boundless love and guidance they provide.

Annya’s Cherished Memories and Valuable Life Lessons with her Incredible Parents

Annya’s heartfelt recollection of her “Tom and Jerry” parents reflects their unique dynamic of love and support. Their trip to the crocodile dam became a memorable adventure, teaching her valuable life lessons about courage and unity.

Annya’s parents

Don’t let this photo deceive you. They are not as lovely as they look. Believe me. They are the real-life Tom & Jerry. Here’s a fun fact: this picture was taken at Neyyar Dam, a place known for its crocodiles. We went boating that day, and throughout the ride, they continued to bicker and tease each other like the famous cartoon duo. However, everything changed when we spotted a crocodile emerging from the water. Suddenly, they transformed from rivals to friends, just like Tom & Jerry would do in their unpredictable escapades. 

Despite their differences, they showed us that when people come together, they can conquer the world. It’s a memorable reminder that even in the midst of playful rivalries, true friendship and cooperation can prevail when it matters the most. I’m proud to say that they are my parents who taught great life lessons.

Annya’s story serves as a touching tribute to all parents who inspire and nurture their children’s journeys.

As we celebrate Parent’s Day at yCrash, we hold our parents in our hearts, recognizing their love, sacrifices, and unwavering presence. The memories and stories shared by our team members serve as a testament to the profound impact parents have in shaping our lives. On this special day, let us express our heartfelt gratitude and celebrate the joyous bond we share with our parents. Happy Parent’s Day to all the extraordinary parents in our yCrash family!

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