Fun Friday Chronicles – April and May ‘23

Taking a break from the daily grind is essential for everyone, allowing us to recharge and find a balance. We, at yCrash, understand the importance of creating a workplace that nurtures both productivity and well-being. That’s why, one month ago, we introduced Fun Fridays—an initiative designed to bring joy and foster closer connections among our team.

As we worked diligently from our respective locations, we realized the need for more meaningful interactions beyond our daily tasks. The idea of Fun Fridays sparked excitement within us, and when we shared it with the team, their response was enthusiastic. With that energy, we set out to create something special. 

Over the past month, these weekly events have transformed our routines, becoming highly anticipated moments for all. The true power of Fun Fridays lies not only in the activities we plan but also in the bonds we’ve forged. We’ve noticed a closer-knit team, with an increased sense of support and celebration for one another. 

We invite you to join us as we take a glimpse into the vibrant world of our Fun Friday activities, through this article. From unexpected adventures to shared laughter, we’ll share the highlights that have shaped our journey over the past month.

The Plan

To ensure everyone’s involvement and create a shared sense of ownership, we devised a unique approach for our Fun Friday events. We wanted each team member to not only participate but also take turns being the host, bringing their own creative flair to the table. 

Every week, one team member was designated as the Fun Friday host, responsible for organizing and orchestrating the event. As the host, they had the exciting task of curating a memorable experience for the rest of the team. This rotation allowed everyone to have a chance to contribute their ideas and showcase their event planning skills. 

To build anticipation and keep everyone in the loop, we implemented a midweek tradition: the Fun Friday email. Each Wednesday, a detailed email was sent out to the entire team, unveiling the upcoming event and providing essential information and guidelines. This allowed everyone to prepare, get excited, and have an idea of what to expect. By sharing the event details in advance, we aimed to strike a balance between surprises and ensuring everyone felt comfortable and enthusiastic about participating. It also provided an opportunity for those hosting future events to gather inspiration and ideas from their colleagues’ unique celebrations. 

With this collaborative approach and pre-event communication, our Fun Friday events became moments of shared anticipation, fostering a sense of unity and teamwork. Each week, we eagerly awaited the arrival of the email, knowing that another unforgettable experience was just around the corner.


Our inaugural Fun Friday event started with a beloved worldwide game: Bingo. To ensure a timely completion within our thirty-minute window, we provided three Bingo sheets, each with numbers ranging from 1 to 25. The atmosphere was filled with excitement and relaxation throughout the event. 

Bingo – April 27, 2023

As the team gathered, laughter and anticipation filled the room, or should we say, Zoom. With Bingo sheets in hand, everyone was ready to mark off numbers and aim for a winning combination. The game proceeded with calls of numbers, accompanied by cheers or groans from the players. The competitive spirit mixed with camaraderie, creating a vibrant energy. 

Within the allotted time, the final numbers were called, marking the end of our first Fun Friday event. Smiles and a sense of accomplishment filled the room. This simple game had brought us closer as a team, igniting joy and fostering connection. 

Fun Fridays go beyond the activities themselves. They create shared experiences and moments of genuine relaxation, strengthening our bond as a team.

My Workspace

Geetha took the reins as the host for the next Fun Friday event, aptly titled “My Workspace.” Leading up to the event, she asked the team to share snapshots of our individual workspaces. Excitement mounted as we eagerly anticipated the opportunity to guess whose workspace belonged to whom. 

On the designated day, we gathered for the event, armed with a collection of workspace images. With a limited time frame of 30 minutes, the challenge was on to match each workspace with its rightful owner. As the images were revealed one by one, laughter and friendly debates filled the room. Some images proved particularly tricky, but Umayal’s workspace picture took the crown for the most confounding of them all. 

Within those engaging 30 minutes, we engaged in spirited discussions, showcasing our observation skills and camaraderie. Each correct guess was met with cheers and a sense of accomplishment. As the event drew to a close, we reflected on the connections we had made through this lighthearted activity. 

“My Workspace” proved to be a delightful Fun Friday event, offering us a glimpse into each other’s work environments and fostering a deeper understanding of our colleagues. The event left us with fond memories and an appreciation for the unique spaces where we embark on our professional journeys.

Watch this captivating video of the event to witness the excitement and camaraderie as we matched workspaces to their owners:

My Workspace – May 5, 2023

Interview with Sandeep

The subsequent Fun Friday event featured an engaging interview with Sandeep, designed to be a learning experience for all. This event aimed to explore Sandeep’s personal and professional journey while also helping us identify our Ideal Client profile. 

During the interview, we delved into Sandeep’s experiences and gained valuable insights into his background and work. It provided us with an opportunity to connect with him on a deeper level, understanding both his personal motivations and his professional expertise. 

Through this process, we not only discovered interesting facts about Sandeep but also gained a broader understanding of our Ideal Client profile. The interview allowed us to align our goals and strategies, ensuring that we are targeting the right audience and delivering our services effectively. 

Interview with Sandeep – May 12, 2023

This event was not only informative but also fostered a sense of connection and camaraderie within the team. As we explored Sandeep’s story, we found inspiration and valuable lessons that could be applied to our own professional journeys. 

The interview with Sandeep during Fun Friday exemplified the importance of continuous learning and the power of shared experiences. It reinforced our commitment to understanding our Ideal Client profile and provided us with fresh perspectives that will shape our future endeavors.

Guess who it is?

The next Fun Friday event was hosted by Sainath, and it held a special significance as both the host and the event’s winner celebrated their birthdays on the same date, May 26. This added an extra layer of excitement and connection to the occasion. 

One of the highlights of this event was a game where Sainath collected childhood pictures of everyone in the team. During the event, each picture was displayed, and we were given a mere 15 seconds to identify the person in the photo. Laughter and anticipation filled the room as we racked our brains to match the childhood faces with our teammates. Amongst the collection of pictures, Kousika’s photo proved to be particularly challenging to identify.

This Fun Friday event brought forth an atmosphere of joy and camaraderie as we shared memories and stories from our childhood days. It was a wonderful opportunity to strengthen our bond as a team and reminisce about our unique journeys. The game not only entertained us but also allowed us to celebrate our shared experiences and appreciate the connections that have brought us together. 

The combination of celebrating birthdays, engaging in a delightful childhood photo guessing game, and the overall atmosphere of togetherness made this Fun Friday event truly memorable. It perfectly embodied the spirit of Fun Friday, fostering joy, laughter, and a sense of community in the workplace. 

This event served as a reminder of the power of shared experiences and the importance of building meaningful connections within our team. It showcased the unique personalities and backgrounds of each team member, further strengthening our bond as we celebrated our collective journey. 

Overall, this Fun Friday event hosted by Sainath was a testament to the vibrant and inclusive culture of our team, where birthdays and engaging activities bring us closer and create lasting memories. Here is a short recap of the event:

Guess Who it is – May 26, 2023


In conclusion, the Fun Friday events held in April and May have brought our team closer together, fostering a sense of camaraderie and creating memorable experiences. As we wrap up these two months of exciting activities, we reflect on the joy, laughter, and connections that have been forged through these events. 

Looking ahead, we are thrilled to announce that Fun Friday will continue to be a regular feature in our team’s calendar. Starting from now, we have decided to host the event on alternate Fridays, ensuring that everyone has a chance to unwind, have fun, and recharge. We are eager to see what future Fun Fridays will bring and look forward to sharing more stories and adventures with you in the upcoming articles. 

Stay tuned for the next installment, where we will share the highlights and experiences of our future Fun Friday events. From team games to insightful interviews and creative challenges, there’s always something exciting in store. We invite you to join us on this journey as we explore the power of fun and connection in the workplace. 

Until then, keep an eye out for our future articles and get ready to dive into the wonderful world of Fun Friday events. It’s a time to celebrate, rejuvenate, and build even stronger bonds within our team. Get ready to read more soon and join us in embracing the spirit of Fun Friday!

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