Receiver Heap API

Receiver Heap API is used to transmit a Heap dump file from the target device to the yCrash server.

How to invoke receiver heap API?

Invoking receiver Heap API is very simple and quite easy. Just need to follow the below steps:

  1. Post HTTP request to /yc-receiver-heap?apiKey={ Your API Key }&de=


apiKeyYour API Key which we sent
deHost/Device name
tsTimestamp in “yyyy-mm-ddThh-mm-ss” this format 
appApplication name
  1. The body of the HTTP request should contain the heap dump file which needs to be analyzed.
  2. The HTTP response will be sent back.


TrueHTTP response will be true, if data is successfully transmitted to yCrash server. 
FalseHTTP response will be false, if data is failed to transmit to yCrash server. 

It’s very simple right!


Generally, heap dump files are larger in size. For fast and efficient processing we recommend you compress and send the heap dump files. When you are compressing the files need to just pass a parameter fileName = { filename of dump/log file which you are uploading } in the HTTP request.

/yc-receiver-heap?apiKey={ Your API Key }&de=

We support the following compression formats :

zip, gz, xz, z, lzma, deflate, sz, lz4, zstd, bz2, tar

You may use one of your choices. Whatever filename you have named for heap dump files should be passed in the ‘fileName’ element with the extension.

Other Tools

You can also invoke the API using any web service client tools such as Postman Browser Plugin,…..

Fig: Posting heap dumps through Postman Plugin


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