Configure mail server

yCrash server can be configured to send notification emails whenever new incidents are reported. Based on the hostname, app name from where the incident is reported, you can configure to send alert emails. Here are some sample rules:

You can configure these rules by clicking on the ‘Notifications’ tab in the dashboard’s left panel. Once rules are configured, notifications will be triggered automatically. Whenever any new incident is reported to yCrash server, rules are evaluated. Based on matching rules appropriate notifications will be triggered.

SMTP host configuration

Inorder to send email notifications, you need to configure mail.xml in the folder where tool is installed. mail.xml structure should be:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE properties SYSTEM "">
		Your company’s SMTP Host configurations
	<entry key=""></entry>
	<entry key="mail.smtp.port">465</entry>
	<entry key="mail.smtp.ssl.enable">true</entry>
	<entry key="mail.smtp.auth">true</entry>
 		This is optional, required only if your SMTP server
		Requires User name and password for authentication
	<entry key="username"></entry>
	<entry key="password">testpassword</entry>	

Here is the description of these properties:

mail.smtp.hostYour SMTP server’s host name or IP address
mail.smtp.portYour SMTP server’s port number
mail.smtp.ssl.enableDoes the connection to SMTP server needs to be in SSL?
mail.smtp.authShould connection to SMTP server established after proper authentication.
usernameUser name should be used for SMTP server authentication. This property is optional, if you are SMTP server doesn’t require authentication.
passwordPassword that should be used for SMTP server authentication. This property is optional if your SMTP server doesn’t require authentication.

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